Basic Information for Incoming ERASMUS+ Students

The Institute of Psychology at the University of Szeged offers a wide range of courses in English for incoming Erasmus students. Areas covered range from cognitive psychology to behavioural analysis, from clinical psychology to the psychology of education. Most of our faculty members speak fluent English. You may find further information regarding the Institute’s history and current agenda on its English language Wikipedia page:

We have well-equipped laboratories aiding students and faculty members in their research. If you are interested in neuropsychology or cognitive neuroscience, you conduct electroencephalograph-based researches in our own EEG lab, or take part in the work of our brain research team and analyze MRI results at the Faculty of Medicine, with which we have a long-time collaboration. Dr. Ágnes SZOKOLSZKY, head of the Department of Cognitive and Neuropsychology is responsible for the lab; you can contact her at

The behaviour observation laboratory of the Institute is equipped with the hardware and software provided by NOLDUS Information Technology – it is the only lab of its kind in the country, you may find further information about the applied technology on the company’s website: or contact Mr. Árpád MIHALIK, the head of the lab:

One of the most successful areas of research carried out in our Institute focuses on the area of psycholinguistics, within the broader field of cognitive- and neuropsychology. We have an extensive network of international scientific cooperation. Joining their work provides you with an excellent insight into cutting edge research technology combined with a strong theoretic background. Further information is available from Ms. Emese HALLGATÓ,

Beyond the above mentioned possibilities, several further researches are conducted in the Szeged Institute of Psychology. School psychology and psychology of education is prominent among them. If you are interested in these matters, you may have an excellent chance to observe educational methods and problems in a society which is always in transition. Dr. Éva Szabó is the key person in educational psychology; you can contact her at

Szeged is an excellent location for your studies abroad. The city hosts a number of higher education institutions, with thousands of international students mainly from Western Europe and the Middle East. You can find detailed information on services available to foreign students on the website of the University:

The Erasmus Coordinator at the Institute of Psychology is Ms Szilvia JÁMBORI. Please feel free to contact her with any questions regarding the student exchange programme or any other issues regarding the Institute.