For applicants

Why choose Szeged?


Because the University of Szeged is one of the largest, best and most prestigious universities in the country, which provides tertiary education of high standard with excellent infrastructure.

Because at the Institute of Psychology in Szeged, education is of high standard, the Institute has well-equipped research labs in a pleasant and friendly, student-centered environment.

Because one can choose from three marketable, interesting, practice-orientated master’s programs, and we collaborate with excellent practical training locations.

Because student groups are of relatively small in size at the Szeged Institute of Psychology; personal contacts are easily established between students and professors, and students at the same year know each other.

Because we provide all sorts of assistance to those who target excellent achievements. Students can get involved in a wide range of research activities.

Because due to the quality assurance system of the Institute, all courses are evaluated by the students, and the results (in a unique way in Hungary) are made public.

Because one can join the voluntary work of the Student Association, which does not only mean having a great time, but also helps in acquiring valuable experience in organizing events.

Because we help students who wish to apply for a PhD program abroad.

Because a number of student traditions were shaped during the years, hence one can participate in a number of community events.

Because Szeged is the City of Sunshine, a truly friendly place, where there is always something happening.

In short: Because the Institute of Psychology at the University of Szeged is a good choice!