Postgraduate Training of Pedagogical Psychologists


The goal of this training is to prepare psychologists to help institutions of education and child protection in efficiently fulfilling their duties, to prevent and solve problems, and to provide help directly to students, parents, teachers and educators. Absolvents of this training recognize the behavioral and psychological problems which require therapy, help in choosing the adequate therapy, cooperate with the therapist or psychiatrist, and provide the needed support in the school. Moreover, they provide support during crises, and in problems which do not require longer therapeutic support. Absolvents are prepared to develop the social contacts and group atmosphere and to manage conflicts at educational institutions by leading personality and social competence development group trainings. They are able to identify learning difficulties, the extent of the necessary professional intervention; they cooperate with experts in special education, assist teachers in their work with students, in helping the students in career planning, and in providing special support for talented students. By adding psychological aspects, they contribute to the formation and development of the pedagogical program of the particular educational institution.

Application to this training requires an MA level (or equivalent) degree in Psychology.