BA in Psychology

In the framework of the European Union’s Bologna Process, the first year in the new dual-cycle higher education started the Psychology BA program in 2006, along with students of other Hungarian universities. The qualification which can be obtained by completing the bachelor’s degree is called behavior analyst, in accordance with the national standards.

The aim of the BA program is to educate experts who possess the basic theoretical and practical knowledge in the science of psychology, along with its basics in methodology, the fundamental knowledge in its applied fields, and who have skills and techniques which can be applies in behavioral research and development at the individual and the group level. An important goal is to develop a high level of commitment and sensitivity for ethical issues. The program provides solid a basis for further studies in psychology, at the MA level. Moreover, this program provides the base modules of teacher training, and knowledge in educational, communications and human development which are suitable for MA programs in pedagogy and andragogy as well.