MA program in Counselling and School Psychology

Students of the program get acquainted with different theoretical branches of counselling, and with theories of crisis, life management, career planning and workplace counselling. Moreover, they get to know the diagnostic tools used in different fields of counselling and school psychology, the different theoretical paradigms, the tasks and working methods of school psychology, the organizational characteristics of educational institutions, along with the findings of pedagogy, child protection, child and adolescent psychiatry, which can be utilized in counselling and in school psychology. Students get prepared to the practical use diagnostic and counselling methods in case of clients of different age groups, and to individual, group and family counselling, to promote development and change, and to provide psychological services at different levels of prevention. This MA program provides the basis for postgraduate trainings (e.g. in school psychology, health psychology, clinical psychology); moreover, fort those who aim an academic career, makes it possible to apply for PhD programs.