Department of Personality, Clinical and Health Psychology


The Department was established in September 2012, from the previously existing eponymous workgroup of the Institute of Psychology. The principal educational assignment of the Department is participation in psychology undergraduate (BA) and master (MA) training. In the BA program, we teach in the main subject of Personality Psychology and other related courses. The department is responsible for the Clinical and Health Psychology master’s program in the MA studies, but we also contribute to the Counselling and School Psychology MA master’s program, predominantly with courses related to counselling. Staff members also teach the Medical Psychology subject at the Medical Faculty of the University of Szeged. Researches carried out at the department encompass the areas of psychology of healing, body and disease representations, phenomenology of suffering and losses, primary and secondary traumatization, psychobiography, creativity and the psychology of art. Several members of the staff also engage in professional activities outside the faculty in medical care, or in health and lifestyle counselling.