Department of Cognitive and Neuropsychology

The Szeged Cognitive Science and Neuropsychology Program was established in 1999 by Prof. Csaba PLÉH, at the department of Psychology. Until 2012, the program was maintained by the Cognitive Science Workgroup, led by Dezső NÉMETH. From 2013, the Workgroup was transformed into the Department of Cognitive and Neuropsychology, in the framework of the earlier established Institute of Psychology. Colleagues of the Department provide the courses in general psychology and methodology in our Psychology BA program, while in case of the Cognitive and Neuropsychology MA training, along with external lecturers, they provide the complete education to students. This Department also provides the Statistics classes for our BA Degree Program

Research profile of the Department encompasses wide areas of cognitive science and neuropsychology. Major research topics include: visual categorization, face perception, perceptual and motor learning, implicit learning, sleeping, effects of sleep deprivation, cognitive functions in different neurodegenerative diseases (Sclerosis Multiplex, Neglect, Stroke) and malformations, perception of affordance in object use, theoretical and historical questions of cognitive science from the points of view of the approaches of ecological psychology and ‘embodiment’.