MA in Cognitive and Neuropsychology

This master’s program deepens the knowledge of the functioning, the development and the research methods of fundamental cognitive systems (perceptions and action, language, thinking), also addressing the areas of neuropsychology, psycholinguistics, evolutionary and biological psychology. Students of the program get acquainted with the most up-to-date results, the diagnostic methods and developmental trends of cognitive neuroscience, psychiatry, neuro- and behavioral genetics, utilizable in cognitive psychology. In its curriculum, there is a strong focus on preparation for individual research activities. Students will become capable of applying the methods of modern experimental psychology, designing and running individual research work, and of carrying out practical work in the applied fields of cognitive science.

Within the framework of research activities, among others, students can get familiar with the electrophysiological methods in our well-equipped EEG laboratory. During the field practice of the second year, students get a personal experience in clinical institutions. This training provides a strong basis for further doctoral studies in local or international PhD programs, but also sets the basis for different specific trainings following the MA diploma (e.g. clinical psychology, health psychology, neuropsychology). Detailed course plan and the description of the courses are available in our ‘MA Psychology Guide’. link.