Department of Social and Developmental Psychology

Head of the Department: Dr. Éva Szabó, Associate Professor

Social Psychology is a branch of psychology dealing principally with the influence of the current or imagined presence of others on individuals, or the interaction between the individual and his/her social environment. The discipline also researches and analyses the effect of the society on the individual. Important fields of research include individual and collective (social) identity, stereotypes, prejudices, attribution, conformity, etc.

Within the fields of psychology, Developmental Psychology deals with the development of mental, psychic and bodily functions of humans, researching and analyzing the general physical, intellectual, emotional, social and personality changes which humans go through from birth until death. Research findings in Developmental Psychology are utilized by several other fields, such as Educational Psychology, Child Psychopathology, or Psychoanalysis. Among the areas of research in this field are the cognitive development of children, the formation and development of memory, emotional development, etc.

Our Staff regularly keeps classes in other fields of psychology, please refer to the Academic Staff section of this site. The Department of Social and Developmental Psychology is also responsible for the organization and management of the School Psychology and Counselling Master’s Degree Program.